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How Degenerative Diseases Can Be Triggered by Motor Vehicle Accidents

Mar 15, 2019

After an accident, immediately seek medical treatment. Our Atlanta orthopedic doctors are here for you to heal what is currently in need of care, as well as providing you with the treatment to prevent degenerative diseases from occurring.

Degenerative Diseases Caused By Car Accidents

When the initial car accident injury occurs, you may not think it’s that bad or in need of attention but this can create a downward spiral that may lead to a degenerative condition as your body was not healed the correct way. Some of these diseases may start off with a small pinch or twinge but as time progresses, so does the does the pain and damage.

Our Atlanta orthopedic doctors can work with you to provide care to avoid these diseases after an accident:

  • Arthritis: This disease causes joint pain which can be mild or over time progress into extremely painful if not managed properly.
  • Spinal Stenosis: When a traumatic injury occurs, there is a chance that the channel through the middle of your vertebrae can narrow. This condition, if not treated correctly can be extremely dangerous and cause a great deal of pain.
  • Sciatica: When an injury occurs, you may feel a pinching or throbbing feel in the lumbar of your back all the way to your feet due to the sciatic nerve being pinched.
  • Hip bursitis: When this condition reaches its maximum potential, the disease is extremely painful. The hip or the bursa becomes inflamed and as this is the cushion for your hips it makes moving unbearable.
  • Infections: When bone breaks through the skin, potential for infections rise. If an infection is not treated there can be extreme complications.
  • Tendonitis: The part of the body connecting the bones to the muscles is called the tendons and when the tendons are irritated due to injury, they can become inflamed. When this occurs there becomes the potential for increased pain and discomfort.

Seek Orthopedic Treatment Immediately

A car accident may not be the direct cause for degenerative diseases but they can certainly trigger them to start sooner rather than later. If injured, seek medical attention immediately and discuss your pain with your doctor.

Contact our Atlanta orthopedic doctors today to learn how to avoid these potentially painful and unbearable diseases. Dial (404) 855-2141 today for a consultation.


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