Contact A Trauma Specialist After An Accident Injury | AICA Atlanta

Accident Recovery | Aug 21, 2019

Contact A Trauma Specialist After An Accident Injury

In order to ensure you’re best chance of a successful recovery, seeking medical attention as soon as possible following a traumatic event is your best chance. When a person’s body faces a traumatic event, it typically results in orthopedic care. A sports injury or other traumatic event like an auto accident can be life changing […]

AICA Atlanta Accepts New Orthopedic Patients | AICA Orthopedics

Accident Recovery | Aug 19, 2019

AICA Orthopedics Accepts New Patients Every Day

Many times, auto accidents result in the need for a trip to an orthopedic specialist or even surgeon. When an injury is severe and involves the bones or the musculoskeletal system, the victim of the accident is taken to the Emergency room and evaluated by the orthopedic specialists on call. Orthopedic specialists are also often […]

Finding The Right Wrist Doctor Makes A World of Difference | AICA Orthopedics

Uncategorized, Wrist Pain | Aug 16, 2019

Finding The Right Wrist Doctor Makes A World of Difference

When searching for a doctor your first thought is always that you want the best of the best, especially if your condition is something that requires a specialist. Seeking care from the most experienced and qualified should always be at the top of your list and here is how to find that doctor that is […]

Importance Of Hydrating In Summer Months | AICA Orthopedics

Health and Wellness | Aug 14, 2019

Importance Of Hydrating In Summer Months

Drinking an ample amount of water plays a vital role in your health more than you think. When drinking the recommended amount of water, your immune system becomes that much healthier and can fight off illness as well as prevent other injuries. As hot weather begins to sneak up on us staying hydrated will not […]

How Physiotherapy Can Help You | AICA Orthopedics

General Chiropractic | Aug 12, 2019

How Physiotherapy Can Help You

Orthopedic physiotherapy focuses on treating injuries or disorders associated with the skeletal system and associated muscles, joints and ligaments.   This type of care also focuses on the pre and post-operative rehabilitation of the hip, shoulder and knee. A physiotherapist will first provide their patients with an initial assessment and then based on the results of […]

What You Should Know About Knee Replacement Surgery | AICA Orthopedics

Knee Pain | Aug 9, 2019

What You Should Know About Knee Replacement Surgery

If your knees are unhealthy and you suffer every day in pain, that pain may hinder your ability to perform daily functions. If this is the case, it may be time to seek help from a knee specialist. Your first option should always be non-surgical in nature and only when all of those options have […]

Knee Revision 101 | AICA Orthopedics

Knee Pain | Aug 7, 2019

Knee Revision 101

If joint injury or tissue loss in the knee is something you are experiencing, a total knee replacement surgery may be a good option for you. For those who are looking to live an active life and be free of pain and debilitating symptoms, knee replacements are shown to last for 15-20 years and possibly […]

Nursemaid’s Elbow in Children | AICA Orthopedics

Elbow Injuries | Aug 5, 2019

Nursemaid’s Elbow in Children

As adults, the bones have had a chance to grow but as children, the bones are weaker and denser and therefore less durable. Due to this, children are more prone to injuries such as conditions like nursemaid’s elbow or pulled elbow.

Back Pain | Aug 2, 2019

Healthy Remedies For Lower Back Pain

As an adult, lower back pain is a common ailment, especially after a certain age. The cause of this pain however differentiates from person to person as the source of the pain can begin in the muscles, nerves, bones or even a combination of all the above. The pain in the lower back can be […]

Why Neurosurgeons and Orthopedic Surgeons Are Pairing Up | AICA Orthopedics

Spine Care | Jul 24, 2019

Why Neurosurgeons and Orthopedic Surgeons Are Pairing Up

“If I need to be evaluated for a spinal problem, or, if I need spinal surgery, should I see a neurosurgeon or an orthopedic surgeon?” In today’s world of medicine, spine surgery is incorporating both specialties as both sets of doctors understand the importance of the other’s craft.

Preparing For Your Orthopedic Appointment After A Knee Injury | AICA Orthopedics

Knee Pain | Jul 22, 2019

Preparing For Your Orthopedic Appointment After A Knee Injury

If an injury to the knee has occurred, seeking care from one of our Atlanta knee doctors or specialists should be done as soon as possible. When being evaluated by a doctor, they will examine your knee and look for swelling, ask about pain and tenderness and also look for any visible bruising. Mobility and […]

Everything You Need To Know About Shoulder Dislocations | AICA Orthopedics

Shoulder Pain | Jul 19, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Shoulder Dislocations

The joints in the body allow for movement but the shoulder joint is the most vulnerable as its the body’s most mobile joint. Due to this versatility, the shoulder joint can be unstable leading to dislocations.

Spinal Stenosis Treatment | AICA Orthopedics

Spine Care | Jul 17, 2019

Spinal Stenosis Treatment

Spinal stenosis surgery allows for the spinal canal to be reopened and this is critical because the spinal canal houses the spinal cord as well as other vital nerves. The narrowing of the canal is often a result of arthritis, bone spurs, or other related problems. These conditions can cause the nerves to be pinched […]

Making A Decision About Spinal Decompression | AICA Orthopedics

Spine Care | Jul 15, 2019

Making A Decision About Spinal Decompression

If chronic long-lasting back pain is consuming your life, finding relief may be the only thing that is ever on your mind. Spinal decompression may be your answer and it can be done surgically or non-surgically and we are going to tell you all you need to know!

Diagnostic Imaging At AICA Orthopedics | AICA Orthopedics

Diagnosis | Jul 12, 2019

Diagnostic Imaging at AICA Orthopedics

When patients present with certain symptoms, our team of orthopedic specialists uses a variety of diagnostic imaging to better understand the injury or ailment in which the patient is experiencing. Some forms of radiology can provide great insight, to where other areas of imaging may be limited, but knowing the pros and cons to these […]

What Are Your Options For Treating Sciatica? | AICA Orthopedics

Sciatica | Jul 10, 2019

What Are Your Options For Treating Sciatica?

When seeking medical attention for what one thinks is sciatica pain, our Atlanta orthopedic doctors begin by evaluating your muscle strength and reflexes. Some physicians test those areas by having you walk on your toes, or have you stand up from a squatting position as well as lifting your legs one at a time while […]

Atlanta Orthopedics | AICA Orthopedics

Orthopedics | Jul 8, 2019

Atlanta Orthopedics

Bone and muscle pain can adversely affect many different people from many different walks of life. Those affected by musculoskeletal conditions often miss out on things they enjoy due to the pain or mobility issues due to their conditions. However, there is a hope, and teaming up with a skilled orthopedic surgeon from Atlanta orthopedics […]

What To Expect With Shoulder Surgery | AICA Orthopedics

Shoulder Pain, Surgery | Jul 5, 2019

What To Expect When Expecting Shoulder Surgery

When the soft tissues located in the shoulder become strained or dislocated, our Atlanta orthopedic surgeons may suggest surgery. Surgery is suggested to correct the damage that may have been done to the structure of the shoulder or to tighten areas that may have been stretched out due to overuse.

Finding An Atlanta Auto Injury Doctor | AICA Orthopedics

Accidents | Jul 3, 2019

Finding An Atlanta Auto Injury Doctor

Every year on average there are about 6 million car accidents with about half of those resulting in injuries. That 3 million subjected to injuries may suffer anything from minor to severe but studies have shown that around 2 million injuries result in some type of permanent damage.

Spinal Laser Surgery In Atlanta | AICA Orthopedics

Surgery | Jul 1, 2019

When It Comes To Spinal Laser Surgery, AICA Orthopedics Is The Perfect Fit For You

How does walking out of an operating room pain free, with just a small bandage sound? Something out of a science fiction novel? Think again! It may sound too good to be true but its not, spinal laser surgery in Atlanta is a new cutting edge procedure that is changing the lives of those who […]