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Orthopedics | Oct 21, 2019

How An Orthopedic Specialists Can Help You

When injuries occur, no one wants to think the injury is serious and believe with a little rest, the pain will go away. Sometimes, this may work out, but for those who have more serious injuries, waiting to receive medical attention may cause more harm than good. So, the next time you help a friend […]

What kind of doctor helps with spinal issues - feat image

Doctors, Medical Doctors, Spine Care | Oct 18, 2019

What Kind of Doctor Helps with Spinal Issues?

If you’ve got a problem with your spine, you may be surprised at the type of doctor you’re sent to for consultation and treatment. Unlike some parts of the body, there isn’t one specific spine doctor out there.   Instead, there are a number of different specialists who can treat spinal conditions. The type of […]

man running and injuring leg- 7 most common knee injuries featured by aica orthopedics

ACL Injuries, Injuries, Knee Pain | Oct 18, 2019

The 7 Most Common Knee Injuries

The knee is one part of your body that is put under a lot of stress every day. This joint can very easily be overworked or injured. Typically, this kind of injury requires a visit to the doctor.   Letting any knee injury go without treatment can result in very serious issues that can make […]

Girl with dislocated shoulder in sling wondering if she needs surgery

Injuries, Shoulder Pain | Oct 17, 2019

Do I Need Surgery for My Dislocated Shoulder?

Dealing with shoulder dislocation is never fun. You may find it difficult to do much of anything with that arm for several days or weeks. To help the arm heal, wearing a sling for a few days might help, too.   In some severe cases, surgery is necessary to repair the damage to the ligament. […]

Your First Line of Defense For Accident Injuries | AICA Orthopedics

Accidents | Oct 16, 2019

Your First Line of Defense For Accident Injuries

No one anticipates for an accident to occur, so planning for one may seem a bit strange. It is, however, important to know what to do in the event an emergency does occur to make sure that you are protected.


Shoulder Pain | Oct 15, 2019

5 Helpful Exercises for a Rotator Cuff Injury

Rotator cuff injuries may not be something you are personally familiar with, but they are fairly common. The shoulder is a complex joint that needs to be able to move like a ball in a socket to accomplish everything from everyday tasks to extraordinary feats done only by talented athletes.   Shoulder injuries can happen […]

Rotator Cuff Injuries | AICA Orthopedics

Uncategorized | Oct 14, 2019

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Shoulder pain is a common ailment among Americans with some needing the care of a doctor, and others being able to treat it on their own at home. Those who require care from doctors may suffer from a torn rotator cuff which may ultimately need surgery. If you have experienced a torn rotator cuff, the […]

5 Helpful Stretches for Spinal Stenosis

Back Pain, Spine Care | Oct 14, 2019

5 Helpful Stretches for Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis can be a painful condition that leaves you with less mobility. This may mean that you can’t engage in your hobbies as much as you once did or keep up with your children or grandchildren.   You may feel like you’re missing out on life, and it might look like your only option […]


Back Pain, Spinal Decompression, Spine Care | Oct 11, 2019

How Does Spinal Decompression Work?

Back pain can be caused by a number of different health issues, including problems with your spine. Just as there are many different causes, there are also a number of different ways to treat back pain.   One of the more common options is spinal decompression. This procedure can be a surgical option, but there […]

Is Laser Surgery Necessary? | AICA Orthopedics

Spine Care, Surgery | Oct 11, 2019

Is Laser Surgery Necessary?

When thinking of laser surgery, many may think of futuristic space-age technology with laser beams but that isn’t exactly how it all works. Lasers are used in the operating room, however, not in the way many may think.

Whats-the-difference-between ct-mri-and-pet-scans-AICA-Diagnostic-Imaging

Imaging | Oct 7, 2019

What’s the Difference Between CT, MRI, and PET Scans?

If you’ve been injured, one of the first things any medical expert is going to do is to use advanced diagnostic imaging technology to view the damage. While X-Rays may be enough for basic fractures and breaks, they’re not always useful in more advanced injuries.   For more severe cases, the use of CT, MRI, […]

Pain In The Neck? Here’s What You Should Know | AICA Orthopedics

Neck Pain | Oct 7, 2019

Pain In The Neck? Here’s What You Should Know

Most people will encounter some type of back pain at some point in their life and many of those people become afraid when that pain presents itself as they fear it can be serious. Injuries to the back and neck can be debilitating, however, not all spinal pain is as alarming as it may seem.

How Chiropractic Treatment Provides Relief in Personal Injury Cases | AICA Orthopedics

Accidents | Oct 4, 2019

How Chiropractic Treatment Provides Relief in Personal Injury Cases

When an injury occurs, your life can become altered in a way that you never expected. When injuries are sustained due to car accidents, slips, and falls or workplace injuries, you may be a victim of someone else’s negligence and therefore entitled to file a claim.


Back Pain, Sciatica | Oct 3, 2019

How Do I Know if I Have Sciatica?

Do you have sciatica? This type of back pain is different from other issues that can cause your back to ache. It begins in the lower back, but it doesn’t remain in the area. Instead, the pain continues down one of your legs, and it can go all the way down into the foot.   […]

Surgery | Oct 2, 2019

What Are the Most Common Orthopedic Surgeries?

There are many different orthopedic surgeries that surgeons perform. These surgeries address different parts of the body, and while they are still invasive procedures, many are very routine. Some are even now minimally invasive thanks to improvements in technology. Your orthopedic doctor will help you understand the specific surgery you need, including what it involves, […]

Uncategorized | Oct 2, 2019

Atlanta’s Premier Auto Accident Care Center

No one plans for an auto accident, but when one occurs it usually has a great impact on your life and can leave you struggling in ways you never imagined. Walking, running or even sleeping may prove to be difficult and this can add extra stress to an already stressful part of your life. Our […]

Uncategorized | Sep 30, 2019

What Is A Closed Reduction Procedure?

When shoulder dislocation occurs, a closed reduction procedure is required to place the shoulder back into the socket. Most often, this type of procedure takes place in an emergency room.

Shoulder Pain | Sep 27, 2019

Treating Shoulder Dislocations

When a dislocation in the shoulder occurs, the arm bone must be placed back into the socket of the shoulder and correct alignment must occur. This process is known as a closed reduction as it does not result in the need for surgery.

Auto Accident Injuries Treated In Atlanta | AICA Orthopedics

Accident Recovery | Sep 25, 2019

Addressing The Leading Cause of Reported Injuries

The musculoskeletal system is composed of bones, tendons, muscles, and ligaments and all play vital roles in the way humans function daily. With millions of people each day facing traumatic injuries to their musculoskeletal system due to accidents, orthopedic doctors play a critical role in society as this system is vital to performing daily functions.

Back Pain | Sep 23, 2019

Treating Life’s Most Common Ache

Unfortunately, back pain is something that almost everyone will experience in their lifetime. With life’s physical demands in the workplace whether it be lifting or even life in the office, back injury or discomfort is bound to occur. This pain, when it occurs, can disrupt your daily routine and although it may be painful, lower […]