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How To Document A Car Crash Using Your Smartphone

Nov 10, 2017

Car accidents occur in a matter of seconds, though the physical, legal, and emotional consequences have the potential to last for months. Although it’s easy to experience anxiety and panic following an accident, it’s essential to take precautionary steps that help protect the integrity of your health, as well as your legal rights. If you are involved in a car accident, are positioned in a safe location, and your health is intact, make sure to take pictures of the scene with a smartphone device.

Responding To A Car Accident

After a car crash takes place, make sure to look yourself over to see if you have sustained any injuries. Next, contact the police and let them know if you or those involved in the accident need an ambulance. Once you have alerted the authorities and are in a safe location, pull out your smartphone device to take pictures of the crash.

Although an official police report will explain the cause and details surrounding the crash, it may not provide enough information to justify a personal injury claim, should you have to file a lawsuit. Taking pictures of the damage sustained to your vehicle, your injuries, road conditions, and the other driver’s vehicle can help support your claim and prevent you from forgetting any critical details in court.

Taking Pictures After A Car Accident

Make sure to record the road conditions at the time of your accident, especially if snow, rain, or other hazards are present. Take multiple pictures from various angles to provide context, as well as any landmarks or street signs that are nearby. Skid marks, shattered glass, and other forms of debris should also be recorded.

You will want to take pictures of the vehicles involved in the accident to show the damages sustained, as well as the original point of impact to demonstrate which party is responsible. Capture images from all four corners, any internal damage, and the other driver’s license plate.

Contact Our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors For An Official Medical Report

It’s a good idea to capture images of any car accident injuries you’ve sustained, including any bruises or cuts. However, having a licensed medical physician examine you immediately after a car accident adds more credibility to a potential personal injury claim, while also giving you the best opportunity to experience a complete recovery.

Even if you feel fine after a car accident occurs, there are many types of injuries that do not produce noticeable symptoms for some time. Allowing underlying injuries to exist and develop can cause significant health complications later in life, including chronic pain or permanent impairments.

Our orthopedic doctors at AICA Orthopedics examine hundreds of car accident victims each year, treating injuries that include Whiplash, bone fractures, and other musculoskeletal conditions. As the community’s most experienced car accident Orthopedic injury center, we help victims experience safe, complete recoveries using holistic treatment solutions that work naturally with your body and are free of adverse side effects.

Contact or call our office immediately after a car accident to schedule a same-day examination. Just dial (404) 855-2141 to speak with one of our staff members about your needs.


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