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Common Causes of Hip Pain For Residents

Oct 17, 2018

It is hard when you struggle with chronic hip pain as it can affect so many aspects of your life. Your hip bone is what allows you to walk, stand, run, and even dance. When you can’t do the things that you love and need to do, it can make a normal lifestyle next to impossible. When dealing with this pain, the first step on the path of healing is to figure out the source of the pain.

Common Conditions We Examine

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis and affects nearly twenty- seven million people every day according to the Center for Disease Control. When this disease affects your hip, the cartilage within the joint starts to break down and the bones rub together. This is the cause of the pain, stiffness, and difficulty moving.

Between our bones, tendons, and muscles are fluid-filled sacs called Bursa. They are all over the body, including within the hips. When these sacs become injured or worn down, a very painful condition called bursitis occurs.

Tendonitis is another common condition contributing to hip pain. Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendons in the body, which are the fibrous structure that connects your muscles to our bones. Irritation or swelling of the tendons, especially in the hip area, can cause incredible pain. This can occur from both trauma/injury or overuse. Occasionally, age is also a factor in this as tendons can lose their elasticity with time.

The ends of the bones in your hip can become forced from its normal position resulting in dislocation of the joint. This most often occurs from a forceful injury seen in automobile accidents or sports. This injury can be extremely painful and limit your ability to walk. If this occurs, immediate medical attention is needed.

High impact sports such as running can cause increased stress on the hip and other bones and joints and can sometimes result in a stress fracture. This can also occur with a fall or other trauma. Muscle strains, “groin pull”, and hamstring injuries can all cause pain in the hip as well. The more elderly population tend to have a higher frequency of hip fractures from arthritis or falls, and these require surgery to repair or replace the joint, sometimes with the use of hardware like plates and screws.

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