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Common Causes of Hip Pain and How Orthopedic Treatment Can Help

Aug 16, 2017

Hip pain affects thousands of residents throughout the greater Atlanta region and develops from a variety of causes. Although anyone can experience hip pain, it most often affects those who are under 15 years old, as well as those who are over the age of 45.

If you experience chronic hip pain or recently injured your hips in an accident, contact AICA Ortho & Spine for treatment. Our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors provide safe and effective treatment solutions that address the symptoms associated with hip pain, while also treating the source of the problem. Our Orthopedic Doctors are supported by a multidisciplinary team of therapists, specialists, and chiropractors, allowing us to provide comprehensive treatment that supports a safe recovery.

Common Causes of Hip Pain

Hip pain stems from a wide range of sources. For some, the cartilage that exists between their hip bones wears down with age. Others, experience sudden traumatic accidents that cause fractures. The most common causes of hip pain seen by our team of Orthopedic Doctors include:


The most common source of hip pain for those treated at AICA Orthopedics – arthritis refers to the natural wear-and-tear that occurs with age. Your hips absorb the majority of your body’s impact as you move throughout your life. The constant exposure to stress and tension causes the ball-and-socket joint to wear out. When this happens, arthritis pain is usually experienced in the front of a patient’s thigh or groin.


Hip fractures tend to occur in patients who are also managing osteoporosis. Common symptoms associated with hip fractures include sharp pain, stiffness, loss of mobility, inflammation, deep bruising, and numbness.


The tendons that connect your muscles to your joints can easily become irritated or inflamed when exhausted. Tendonitis predominantly affects those who are younger and participate in sports or seniors.

Atlanta Orthopedic Treatment For Hip Pain

Treatment depends on the patient and the cause. A few of the ways that our Orthopedic Doctors treat hip pain include:

  • Lifestyle support and nutritional counseling
  • Physiotherapy
  • Heat therapy
  • Joint injections
  • Manual adjustments
  • Physical therapy


Understanding what treatment options are appropriate for your condition requires a complete examination. Depending on the extent of your condition, your Orthopedic Doctor may recommend the use of an imaging device, such an X-ray or MRI, to develop a comprehensive view of your injury.

AICA Orthopedics offers a variety of treatment solutions for patients experiencing hip pain, which are all completely safe and void of adverse side effects. Our clinic is open Monday through Sunday and conveniently located right outside of Atlanta in Sandy Springs. Contact or call us today to schedule an appointment – just dial (404) 855-2141.


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