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Car Accident In Atlanta? Protect Your Health With Orthopedic Treatment

Sep 25, 2017

Were you injured in a recent car accident? Have you thought about contacting an Atlanta personal injury attorney for compensation? Although choosing an attorney can help ensure that your legal rights are protected, it’s even more important to make sure that your long-term health is supported by experienced medical professionals.

Many common accident injuries are not capable of healing without professional Orthopedic Treatment. Our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors offer a variety of treatment solutions that focus on musculoskeletal conditions sustained in car accidents. Whether you recently experienced a car accident or suffer from chronic pain caused by a previous collision, our Atlanta Orthopedic Clinic serves as the community’s leader in cutting-edge solutions. Our Orthopedists are trained specifically to treat trauma and are skilled in many procedures that can help you safely recover.

Recover From Car Accident Injuries

Are you suffering from recent injuries? After you leave the emergency room, contact AICA Orthopedics for a broad range of follow-up treatment solutions. Emergency rooms are often overcrowded and are not equipped with resources that support permanent pain relief. At AICA Orthopedics, our clinic houses state-of-the-art imaging technology that includes:


These devices allow us to develop comprehensive, complete views of your injuries, which allows us to create the most appropriate treatment plan that directly aligns with your needs. Whether you require treatment for fractured bones, torn ligaments, or spinal damage, our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors can support you with the solutions and resources you need to recover. If you are suffering from a chronic condition sustained as a result of a car accident, we can provide support, too.

Depending on the circumstances, our Orthopedists may recommend a combination of solutions that include physical therapy and chiropractic. For minor injuries, you may only require a series of manual adjustments or cortisone shots that help reduce inflammation or alleviate pain.

Get Back On The Road Soon – Call Our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors

Regardless of when your accident took place, AICA Orthopedics can help you get back on the road and return to your routine sooner than later. With superior diagnostic technology, practical treatment solutions, and comprehensive services that support multiple areas of your health, contacting our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors is the best decision you can make. Dial (404) 855-2141 to schedule a consultation or an appointment.


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