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Why Exercises Can Help Relieve Joint Pain

Feb 21, 2020

Why Exercise Can Help Relieve Joint Pain | AICA OrthopedicsPain, stiffness, and swelling can be a result of degenerative joint disease. When this pain arises, it may be easier to just rest, but avoiding exercise can put you at risk for losing muscle mass and possible weight gain.

With the added weight and weaker muscles, added pressure can be placed on the joints causing deterioration to the tendons and ligaments.

Staying Active Is Critical

When physical activity is avoided due to pain, more pain will occur due to a lack of activity. Although it may be difficult at first, the only way to begin to rid your body of pain is to begin a workout regime that will help to preserve joint health.

When beginning a new exercise regime, three essential components to keep in mind are flexibility, endurance, and strength training.

  • Flexibility is improved by taking your muscles through their full range of motion and holding the position at or near an extreme range of motion for a few seconds without experiencing too much discomfort. Avoid extreme movement of a joint affected by arthritis.
  • Endurance is improved by performing aerobic exercises that are not too stressful on the joints such as walking, swimming, biking, and water aerobics. Endurance exercises are known to promote weight loss, which in turn reduces stress on your joints, particularly the hips and knees. Walking is a great way to reduce your hip arthritis symptoms which can be aggravated by sitting for extended periods.
  • Strength training can be performed by using light weights that are appropriate for your fitness level as well as calisthenics or freehand exercises such as bodyweight squats to strengthen the muscles that surround and support the hip joint.

What To Expect

By implementing these three factors, your joint pain will begin to ease up. Having increased joint mobility and function can allow you to embark on activities that you once could not due to hindering joint pain. Always consult with a doctor before beginning any new workout regime and always work your way into it. Jumping in too fast can cause further injury, so begin slowly.

If joint pain and stiffness have taken over your life, and you would like to incorporate exercise to help manage your joint pain, contact our Atlanta orthopedic doctors today to learn more. Dial (404) 855-2141 to schedule an appointment today!


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