Why You Need An Orthopedic Spine Doctor

Back pain is incredibly prevalent across America today. In fact, it is the third most common reason that people in America visit the doctor’s office.

Back pain doesn’t have to be something you have to live with. Consult a spine specialist at AICA Orthopedics to identify the source of your spinal pain, as well as discuss options for care. Your spine is a vital part of your body, so it is very important to make sure it is functioning as it should. Don’t trust just anyone with your spinal health. The spine specialists at AICA Orthopedics have years of experience helping many find relief from spinal discomfort and back pain, and we can help you too.

The Nature of Back Pain

Spinal pain can range from minor to severe, from a simple annoyance to completely debilitating. It can affect the lower or upper part of the back, or it can radiate across the back, and it can even affect the neck, hips, and other areas of the body. Spine specialists at AICA Orthopedics treat a wide range of spinal pain problems. We specialize in musculoskeletal issues (composed of bones, ligaments and connective tissue), such as scoliosis, sciatica, osteoporosis, ruptured discs, spinal stenosis, spinal injuries, or even fractured vertebrae and compressed spine. Should you experience spinal pain from one of these conditions, or if you don’t know the root cause of your back pain, orthopedic spine specialists at AICA Orthopedics can treat you and get you back to feeling your best once again. Your spine and back should be as healthy as possible and be able to support the whole body without pain. To experience the benefits of whole body health once again, visit AICA Orthopedics today to address your spinal health and find a solution for the cause of your back pain.

What Causes Spine or Back Pain?

Injury of the spine could happen to anyone. Simple movements or more severe trauma can all lead to spine pain. Repetitive motions from sports or work can lead to injury. Heavy lifting or lifting things improperly can also cause spine or back pain. Lack of exercise or leading a sedentary lifestyle can weaken muscles in the back, making your spine and back more susceptible to injury over time. Medical conditions such as scoliosis affect the spine and overall health. Aging can also weaken vertebrae and cause degenerative disc disease. As aging occurs, bulging discs are also more likely to happen. A bulging disc presses on nerves and can lead to more serious concerns such as a herniated disc, degeneration of discs, or spinal stenosis. It is important to be on alert for symptoms of spine or back pain and seek proper care as soon as you notice something is amiss. Symptoms to look for include loss of range of motion or inability to sit up straight, pain when trying to sit, stand, or walk, discomfort when lifting objects, stiffness or tightness in the upper or lower back, numbness, tenderness, or muscle spasms, or a dull or sharp pain in the back.



An X-Ray will be utilized to see the state of the vertebrae, which will give your specialist an idea as to whether your spine has been misaligned in any way.


An MRI can be very useful to show your doctor the soft tissue damage that might be causing or worsening your spinal pain. This scan shows your soft tissue through the use of magnetic field gradients.


How Can AICA Orthopedics Help?

Our spine specialists can offer hope and help for back pain of all types. Specialized spine doctors work to diagnose problems that cause spinal pain or back discomfort. Our advanced diagnostic imaging tools can identify the exact source of pain for quicker, complete healing and a true solution to the issue. X-rays show a clear picture of all hard tissue, bone, and vertebrae of the spine so doctors can pinpoint any spinal fractures, misalignments, or degeneration causing your pain. MRIs and CT scans show a 3-dimensional view with clear pictures of the muscles, tendons, discs, and all soft tissue structures in your back that may be damaged or inflamed. Personalized care gives you the treatment you need to fully recover from issues of spine pain, and it helps you feel comfortable during the entire treatment process.

At AICA Orthopedics, spine specialists have extensive training and experience in providing you with treatment and a personalized care plan that will address your spinal issues and bring about relief so you can go back to living and loving life once again. We can offer innovative spinal care options based on the latest in spinal research, and we use only the most innovative, advanced, and evidence-based technology and methods to provide outstanding care that you won’t get anywhere else. Physical therapists provide specialized exercises to strengthen the back muscles, improve range of motion, and improve posture.

Injections are another type of treatment for back pain that can bring about relief. Trigger point injections relieve the pain in muscles, injections into joints reduce inflammation that could cause pain, and epidural injections, or nerve blocks, can ease nerve pain. If spine pain is due to nerve dysfunction, neurologists will perform an assessment and create the best treatment plan to correct nerve pain.

Spinal misalignments could also be the source of spinal pain, leading to a pinched nerve or out of place vertebrae. Chiropractors specialize in spinal alignment. Correcting misalignments with a gentle adjustment will restore proper alignment or relieve pressure on pinched nerves to treat the source of spinal pain. More serious cases of spinal pain could require surgery. We specialize in these areas related to spine surgery:

At AICA Orthopedics, our surgeons have the experience and knowledge to correct spinal problems and address underlying issues. Don’t continue to suffer through pain or risk further injury to the spine by exacerbating your injury. Instead, turn to our orthopedic back specialists to help you through every step of the recovery and healing process.

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