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Hip Injuries

Your ability to stay active lies in the motion of the hip joint. Whether you’re an athlete, an avid walker, or simply wish to be able to live your life without pain, your hip joints need to be healthy and working as effectively as possible. As one of the most load bearing joints in the body, nearly every movement is affected by the hips. Hips are used constantly in everyday life, so when you’re injured or not taking proper care of your body, you risk overuse, wear and tear, and possible injury in the hips. Each year, over 300,000 people over the age of 65 are hospitalized for a hip fracture. Most of these are related to falls. Depending upon what type of hip injury you suffer from, you may experience pain in the thigh, groin, inside of the hip joint, or even buttocks. Arthritis, hip fractures, bursitis, and tendonitis are the most common causes of frequent hip pain. When you’re having problems with your hips, don’t wait to get the care you need to be active, mobile, and pain-free. When you have hip pain or are dealing with a hip injury, you need the high-quality, patient-focused care from the experienced orthopedic specialists at AICA Orthopedics in Atlanta.

Various Causes of Hip Pain

Hips are among the most common joint to develop osteoarthritis. The wear and tear of cartilage over time causes bone to rub against bone, which can cause debilitating pain and immobility. Arthritis also leads to inflammation of the hip joint that can be extremely painful. Over time, hip pain gradually worsens if not treated properly. Arthritis can cause stiffness of the joints of loss of motion. Another common hip injury is tears in the ligaments or tendons. With frequent use, hip muscles, ligaments, and tendons are more prone to strains or tears. Some of these injuries may be sports-related while others may simply be related to daily activities. Repeated motions can cause hip strain or tendonitis due to overuse. Athletes that frequently twist or turn in their sport are more likely to experience a hip labral tear along the outside rim of the hip socket. Bursitis, or inflammation of the hip, occurs when the bursae (tiny fluid-filled sacs) become inflamed and irritated. Hip fractures, especially as we age, are a common injury because of falls. As we age, our bones become more weak and brittle, making them more susceptible to breaks from trauma. Recovering from a hip fracture can be a long, painful process, especially if not treated properly. For many, invasive surgeries such as hip replacement can be daunting. But you don’t have to immediately jump to worst-case scenarios to treat hip pain. Instead, turn to the expertise of the orthopedic specialists at AICA Orthopedics.

Diagnosing Hip Pain

If hip pain has affected you, our orthopedic specialists have the tools and knowledge to help. Our orthopedic doctors use their knowledge and resources to diagnose your pain. This can often be one of the most challenging parts of hip pain, as many medical professionals will simply give you ways to cover up your pain, rather than try to get to the root cause of the pain. Our advanced technology and state-of-the-art imaging allow our orthopedic specialists to get an accurate picture of your hip and figure out exactly where your injury or pain is located and what is causing it. Imaging tests allow your doctor to see inside the hip joint to the cause of your pain. An X-ray takes a picture of the bones that form the joint. A CAT scan or MRI provides a clear image of the soft tissues in the hip such as ligaments, tissue, or muscle or can show areas of swelling. With imaging, our doctors can more accurately diagnose the specific area that is injured to create a plan that addresses your needs.

Treatment for Hip Pain

Our team of specialists work together to form a comprehensive treatment plan. This may include chiropractic adjustments, exercise therapy, stretching, massage therapy, or other related techniques. Your orthopedic specialist may recommend non-invastive treatments such as anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling, steroid injections for pain relief, or even ice or heat for minor symptoms. Our team of physical therapists will work with you to strengthen your hip muscles for better support and increased range of motion. Chiropractors focus on the musculoskeletal system to relieve joint pain. Neurologists address nerve pain that may be the cause of hip pain. Muscle relaxants can help relieve pressure on nerves, such as the sciatic nerve that runs through your hip and down into your leg. If symptoms worsen, orthopedic specialists may suggest a partial or total hip replacement. After surgery, a physical therapist can again help you stretch and work on muscles around the hip to gain mobility and flexibility for a complete recovery. Your orthopedic doctor will collaborate with our team of physical therapists, chiropractors, and any other necessary specialists to provide you with the complete care you need to experience full recovery and healing for long-term relief.

Quality Care for Pain Relief

If you don’t get the care you need to fully recover from your hip problem or injury, it could turn into a bigger, more painful problem over time. Don’t wait to get quality care from experts who can assist you in healing. As soon as you experience any form of hip pain, contact our specialists and make an appointment. At AICA Orthopedics, our specialists strive to address your pain safely and effectively. We offer a variety of treatment options including noninvasive and surgical procedures that can bring about relief without a long recovery time. Call us today to find out more about our reputable team of orthopedic specialists or schedule an appointment to get started with treating your hip pain.