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How Soon After A Car Accident Should You See A Doctor?

Oct 6, 2017

Car accidents along with their injuries can be a horrific experience depending on the physical and emotional damage. If you sustain severe or life-threatening injuries, you will likely be sent to the emergency room immediately. For injuries that are not life-threatening, you may feel that medical treatment is unnecessary. That is the worst idea when it comes to preserving your long-term health. Here’s why.

Orthopedic Treatment After A Car Accident

Car accident injuries often remain undetected for a few weeks. It can take some time before you start to notice symptoms and experience various aches or pains. By the time that you do begin to experience painful symptoms, more damage may have taken place. Instead of threatening your long-term health and capabilities, see our Atlanta Orthopedic Car Accident Doctors within 72 hours after a car crash even if you feel fine.

Undetected Car Accident Injuries

One of the reasons why you may not notice any pain after a car accident is because of the hormones that your body releases during the collision. When confronted with traumatic experiences, your body releases adrenaline throughout your system to help mask pain and support your ability to react rationally. Because car accidents often present significant tension and stress, a high level of adrenaline can help numb the pain associated with soft tissue injuries and other conditions.

If you do notice some pain after a car accident, you may try to wait things out under the belief that your symptoms will go away in time. However, allowing injuries to exist can cause a series of health complications that affect your long-term future. For instance, you may alter your gait to accommodate something that appears to be a minor leg injury – causing more damage and potential chronic conditions. Having one of our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors evaluate your condition, diagnose your injuries, and provide treatment as soon as possible gives you the best chance of experiencing a complete recovery.

Don’t Avoid Orthopedic Treatment After An Accident – Contact Us

If you’ve experienced a car accident in Atlanta, don’t avoid Orthopedic Treatment. Delaying your initial examination could possibly cause you to be ineligible for particular types of treatment, as well as contribute to other health concerns later in life. Early treatment provided by AICA Orthopedics can make the difference between a lifetime’s worth of pain or a complete, healthy recovery. Contact or call our office immediately following a car accident to schedule a comprehensive examination – just dial (404) 855-2141.


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