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Treating Common Injuries That Occur In Shopping Malls
Dec 15, 2017

It’s the winter holiday shopping season, and with Christmas less than two weeks away, families are dashing around to pick up last minute gifts. The surge in foot traffic at shopping malls throughout the greater Atlanta region is great for retailers but also creates additional risks for consumers. Our Orthopedic Doctors review some of the most common injuries that occur in shopping malls.

Slip and Fall Accidents In Shopping Malls

Slip and fall accident injuries are the most common condition sustained by mall shoppers during the winter holidays. Unkept sidewalks, cracked parking lot pavement, icy sidewalks, waxed indoor surfaces, loose cords sprawled on the ground, spilled beverages, wet bathroom floors, and crumbled floor mats are all responsible for slip and fall injuries that occur in shopping malls.

Injuries Caused By Escalators

Uneven handrails, turbulent stairs, unmarked demarcation lines, faulty entry mats, and sudden breakdowns are responsible for causing harm to consumers who use escalators.

Falling Objects

Consumers are also injured by merchandise that falls off of shelves, advertising signs that collapse over, and broken ceiling tiles.

Knocked Down and Stepped On

Over 20 people are injured each year as a result of being knocked down and trampled over, usually during large holiday sales like Black Friday or grand openings.

Dog Bites

For malls that allow people to bring their pet dogs in with them, the noise and crowdedness can cause these animals to become nervous or panic. When this happens or when small children approach dogs they are not familiar with, bites are a common result.

Personal Assaults

As wonderful as the winter holiday season is for most people, they also cause significant stress and make others feel desperate to provide for their families. Physical assaults and muggings are common during the winter holidays, especially in the bathrooms and parking garages. Although most major malls contain security and monitor shoppers through surveillance systems, it does not always deter criminals from robbing or attacking consumers.

Shopping Carts

Cuts and hand injuries are caused by poorly maintained shopping carts that contain sharp edges and handles.

Car Accidents That Occur In Parking Lots

Congested parking lots and distracted drivers are responsible for hundreds of parking lot crashes each year. Pedestrians are often struck by drivers who are either in a hurry or distracted by their smartphone devices, while side collisions tend to be the result of drivers who have blocked views or fail to look both ways before turning.

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