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Treat Ankle Sprains

Jun 27, 2018

Almost all of us will twist our ankle at some time. However, if you happen to twist your ankle and it becomes inflamed, you have likely experienced a sprain. When this happens, it means that the ligaments in your ankle are stretched beyond their limits or are torn.

Ankle sprains are common among Americans. In fact, over one million ankle injuries take place each year and close to 85 percent of these injuries are sprains. Though sprains may seem minor compared to other types of accident injuries, they can cause other long-term conditions to appear if treatment is not approached correctly.

Ankle Sprain Symptoms

With an ankle sprain occurs, you will notice pain immediately at the source of the tear. The damaged ankle will likely swell and become discolored, while also becoming extremely sensitive to touch.

Orthopedic Treatment for Ankle Sprains

Patients who suffer an ankle sprain are often required to rest or use some type of mobility support device until the swelling has calmed down and pain starts to subside. It’s important that new injuries are immediately treated with an ice application to address inflammation and reduce other painful symptoms.

Depending on the severity, we may recommend using a brace, an elastic bandage, or following through with physical therapy to help strengthen the damaged ligaments.

If you sprain your ankle, contact our team of Atlanta orthopedic doctors right away. We can diagnose your injury and provide personalized treatment that helps relieve pain immediately. Just dial (404) 855-2141 to schedule an appointment today!


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