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Three Ways An Atlanta Orthopedic Doctor Can Help You After A Car Accident

Jun 15, 2017

Our Atlanta orthopedic doctors treat a variety of car accident injuries, including soft tissue damage, spinal injuries, and Whiplash. We also help patients who suffer from sore muscles, stiffness, joint pain, and torn ligaments. If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, contact AICA Orthopedics for immediate treatment.

Atlanta Orthopedic Treatment Benefits

If you have never worked with an orthopedic doctor before, here are three ways that our staff can help.

Diagnose Spinal Damage

It is important to understand that not every kind of spinal injury offers noticeable symptoms. Because most primary physicians are not trained to identify or diagnose musculoskeletal conditions, the chances of being injured in a car accident without noticing are high. When you visit AICA Orthopedics, our Atlanta orthopedic doctors can take X-rays or CT scans to determine the state of your spine, as well as review the extent of any damage that may exist.

Having access to a variety of imaging devices onsite allows our team to develop comprehensive, custom treatment solutions that align with the unique characteristics of each patient’s condition. This type of alignment offers a faster, safer recovery – allowing you to return to your routine without the risk of relapse or reinjury.

Immediate Pain Relief

Taking painkillers or prescription medication for a car accident injury only provides temporary pain relief and acts similar to placing a band-aid on a major wound. Orthopedic treatment and manual adjustments are often the most effective, efficient ways of alleviating pain associated with car accident injuries. By realigning the damaged area around your spine, our doctors are able to restore your body’s natural ability to heal itself, reduce inflammation, and restore flexibility. Adjustments are completely painless and do not contain any kind of side effect.

Strengthen Muscles and Improve Flexibility

The impact delivered as a result of a car accident leaves many victims feeling stiff or weak. Our Atlanta orthopedic doctors are able to address both of these conditions through a variety of techniques, including compression, stabilization, and physical therapy.

Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors Offer Immediate Car Accident Injury Treatment

If you are in a car accident in Atlanta, it’s important to seek professional orthopedic treatment as soon as possible in order to prevent chronic conditions or permanent damage from developing. Do not try to ignore any pain that arises, as it will only lead to more complication later in life – ones that can possibly prevent you from following through with your work obligations or favorite pastimes. By contacting AICA Orthopedics, you are putting your health first and giving yourself the opportunity to receive treatment before any kind of symptom develops.

Our Atlanta orthopedic clinic is open Monday through Sunday for your convenience and provides 24/7 assistance in case you have any questions. Call us today to schedule a free consultation – just dial (404) 855-2141.


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