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Therapeutic Approach To Chronic Pain

Nov 8, 2019

Therapeutic Approach To Chronic Pain | AICA OrthopedicsOur country is in the middle of battling a serious opioid epidemic and finding new ways to manage pain has never been more important.

Safe Alternative Solutions For Managing Chronic Pain

The Center for Disease Control is working to provide those chronic pain sufferers with alternative ways to help manage their pain. Physical therapy is proving to be an effective tool for those dealing with high levels of pain helping to avoid the need for pain medication.

Combating chronic pain with the use of opioids may seem effective. However, the use of this medication only masks the pain and does not solve the problem as physical therapy can.


Exercise. When teaming up with a physical therapist, the body will be exposed to exercise, and when practiced over time, exercise can lead to a decrease in pain. Studies have shown that those who work out at least three times a week have decreased widespread pain. Implementing exercise can be done on your own or through the advisement of a physical therapist.

Manual Therapy. Through the use of manipulations and joint and soft tissue mobilizations, research has shown that physical therapy is an effective method in treating chronic pain. Those who suffer from carpal tunnel to lower back pain can find some relief when using this method.

Education. Receiving information about your pain can help to decrease the stress, ultimately lowering your chronic pain levels. Meeting with a physical therapist can help you understand more clearly just what is causing your pain and how you can manage the pain most effectively.

Teamwork. Physical therapy appointments can range from once a week to three times a week or more, so developing connections with your physical therapy team can mean all the difference in a successful and unsuccessful recovery. Share your concerns or thoughts about treatment with your physical therapist to receive the most out of your treatment.

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