Surgery and Diabetes: What You Need To Know
Aug 23, 2019

Surgery and Diabetes: What You Need To Know | AICA OrthopedicsWhen having surgery, there are many factors that can complicate the procedure. If in need of orthopedic surgery, our Atlanta orthopedic surgeons will discuss with you all of the complex issues that may arise due to other medical conditions.

Diabetes is a condition in which needs to be monitored closely during and after surgery to prevent any complications. Aside from the surgeons, other physicians, nurses and other staff members may be part of the team to help ensure that the patient’s diabetes is maintained.

How To Prepare For Surgery

If diabetic, keeping blood sugar under control is always the ultimate goal but it is even more critical when preparing for surgery. If concerned about sugar levels, discuss concerns with our orthopedic surgeons or your own doctor to ensure that your blood sugar is being properly managed. When blood sugar isn’t controlled properly, healing from surgery can be delayed and complications with kidneys and the heart can arise as well as an increased risk for infection.

Always be upfront with your surgeon in regards to your diabetes and share any medications you may take as that may affect anesthesia. With diabetes, the risk of infection is always higher so following surgery tell your doctor immediately if you have a fever, or if the incision site becomes red or hot to touch, or oozing as those can be signs of serious infections. As always, check blood sugars regularly as you may have trouble maintaining normal levels because you:

  • Are having trouble eating or nauseous from pain medication
  • Are feeling stressed after your surgery
  • Are less active than usual
  • If you have any questions, make sure to talk to your doctor before surgery.

Allow Us To Help You

If you are in need of orthopedic surgery and have diabetes, contact our Atlanta orthopedic doctors today to ensure a successful recovery. Just dial (404) 855-2141 to speak with one of our friendly staff members about your needs.


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