Recovering From A Broken Fibula
Feb 23, 2018

Recovering From A Broken Fibula | AICA OrthopedicsIf you sustain a broken fibula, it’s important to set appropriate expectations when it comes to the amount of effort and time it takes to completely heal. Unlike other types of injuries and conditions, a broken fibula usually requires six weeks to three months before patients are able to follow through with their normal routine.

Immediate Treatment

Although a broken fibula may not continuously create intense levels of pain, it is important seek medical treatment as soon as possible after an injury occurs. The chances of prolonging the recovery process, experiencing a relapse, or developing particular impairments as a result of not healing properly increases without immediate attention.

Patients have the greatest opportunity to experience a quick, complete, and healthy recovery when they are able to connect with one of the Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors at AICA Orthopedics soon after an accident occurs. Our clinic has the resources, staff, and experience necessary to diagnose and treat a broken fibula, allowing our patients to return to their routines as soon as possible. If you sustain a complete break, you will need to wear a medical boot for at least two months to help stabilize and protect the leg. Depending on the extent of the fracture, surgery may be the most appropriate option to reach a full recovery.

Recovering From A Broken Fibula

The most important thing patients can do to recover from a broken fibula is allow themselves to rest and relax during the recovery process. Although it can be difficult to refrain from participating with your favorite activities, a broken fibula requires time to regain its strength and stability.

Attempting to rush the process against your doctor’s advice will only result in furthering your recovery time. Still, your doctor may recommend physical therapy and a few low-impact exercises that can help stretch and strengthen the injured leg. Some of the most common activities recommended to patients with a broken fibula include:

  • Yoga techniques that can be performed while seated or lying down
  • Swimming routines that provide cardio support without exposing your body to impact
  • Free weights that focus on strengthening back, chest, and arm muscles
  • Floor workouts that focus on supporting the core muscles


Contact AICA Orthopedics To Recover From A Broken Fibula

If you sustain a broken fibula, prevent further injury or potential relapses from occurring by contacting AICA Orthopedics right away. Dial (404) 855-2141 to schedule a consultation or learn more about our approach to treatment or a complete examination to kick start the recovery process.


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