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Most Popular Questions Asked About ACL Surgery

Dec 22, 2017

ACL tears are extremely painful and often impact the patient’s ability to follow through with their usual obligations. The possibility of needing surgery to repair a torn ACL usually solicits numerous questions and concerns for prospects. Such questions often include whether surgery is the only viable treatment option and how long does it take to recover. Today, our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors will address a few of the most popular questions asked about ACL surgery.

ACL Surgery FAQ


Is it possible to avoid reconstruction surgery?

ACL tears do not completely heal without intervention. Still, there are a few examples where non-surgical treatment is appropriate for some patients. Seniors, those who lead sedentary lifestyles and are physically unfit to undergo surgery, and patients who have significant arthritis may be able to follow through with treatment programs instead of surgery.

Who is the ideal patient for ACL reconstruction surgery?

Patients who lead active lifestyles and athletes specifically should consider reconstruction surgery after a torn ACL. If you have already gone through rehabilitation programs and are still experiencing knee instability or if you damaged several knee ligaments, you may want to consider reconstruction surgery. Patients who participate in activities that involve pivoting, the chances of re-injuring the knee is high, which is why surgery is recommended.

What are the pros and cons of reconstruction surgery?

There are various types of reconstruction surgeries that patients may be subjected to, and all of them come with unique pros and cons. Understanding which type of surgery is most appropriate for your needs is influenced by the extent of your injury, the kind of graft, how your graft will be secured, and the type of directions that are associated with your rehabilitation plan. Your Orthopedic Doctor will discuss all of your options with you and offer their professional recommendation.

How long is the recovery process?

Although each patient’s recovery process is unique, most ACL reconstruction surgeries require eight to 12 months of rest. All patients will have to go through physical rehab to experience a complete and safe recovery. Physical therapy helps restrengthen damaged muscles and tissue, while also restoring mobility.

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The purpose of reconstruction surgery is to stabilize your knee and restore complete functionality. If left alone, ACL tears can significantly impair your mobility and cause other degeneration conditions to develop over time. If you experience an ACL tear, our team of medical experts and Orthopedic Doctors are here for you.

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