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Orthopedic Care For Bone Fractures In Children

Jan 24, 2018

Children are prone to injuries due to the types of activities they partake in and their carefree attitudes. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that over four million children throughout the United States are sent to an emergency room for bone fractures each year. Orthopedic care for bone fracture in children is approached differently when treating adults with the same injury

Children and Bones Fractures

Unlike adults, children are able to heal at a remarkable pace and most kids are able to overcome a bone fracture in a matter of weeks without surgical intervention. Orthopedic Doctors also tend to monitor children’s recovery process more than adults because of their growth plates. As new bone cells are created and expand, growth plates develop at the ends of the long bones, creating tiny pockets of space that are only detectable through X-ray scans. Fractures that affect growth plates can create significant complications around bone development, which is why Orthopedic Doctors closely monitor the recovery process.

Common Bone Fractures In Children

There are two specific types of fractures that often appear in children – greenstick and buckle fractures. Greenstick fractures refer to cases where a bone becomes bent and breaks in one specific location. Buckle fractures comprise of a large bulge and see the point of damage is located on the opposite side of a greenstick injury. Still, there are other types of fractures that are treated by the Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors at AICA Orthopedics. Most of the children who visit our clinic have fractures in their forearm, ankle, or elbow.

Forearm injuries have growth plates on each end of the long bone so visiting an Orthopedic Doctor as soon as possible is required to ensure a complete recovery. Ankle fractures often occur as a result of sudden awkward movements, such as pivoting while playing a sport. Elbow fractures tend to see a break in the radius or ulna at the proximal point.

Call AICA Orthopedics To Treat Bone Fractures In Children

If your child sustains a bone fracture, contact AICA Orthopedics right away to schedule a complete examination. Our team of doctors, physical therapists, radiologists, and medical technicians are Atlanta’s most experienced accident injury specialists, helping thousands of patients recover from various musculoskeletal conditions without surgery or other solutions that contain adverse side effects. Learn more about our approach to treating bone fractures in children or schedule an examination by dialing (404) 855-2141.


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