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Non-Invasive Options for Hip Pain Sufferers

Apr 22, 2019

An ache or pain may be unavoidable as we grow older but when those aches or pains make life’s daily tasks unbearable, it’s time to reach out to a doctor. Once you meet with your physician, they will conduct a physical evaluation and determine what is causing your hip pain, then work with you to develop the best treatment plan that will best suit your needs.

Approach To Treating Hip Pain

Although the pain may be extreme, physicians will try non-surgical options first to see if the pain can managed without the most invasive measures. Surgery may be in the picture down the road but if your physician can manage your pain and symptoms than you may be able to avoid surgery. Below are some common options that our Atlanta orthopedic doctors offer those who suffer from hip pain:

The first line of defense when dealing with hip pain is typically medications. These medications can range from over the counter pain medications or even anti-inflammatories. When these medications are not providing the relief a patient needs, the next step is prescribing medications called DMARD’s or disease- modifying anti-rheumatic drugs which can provide relief for those patients who have chronic hip pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis.

When exercise is introduced into the patients daily routine, they will often find themselves with increased flexibility in their hip which not only increases mobility, but very well may decrease the level of pain they were in. However, implementing exercise is not for everyone and before beginning any new workout regime, consult with your physician first.

Sometimes going at the exercise routine alone isn’t always the best, so teaming up with a physical therapist can allow your body the exercise it needs under proper guidance. While working with a physical therapist you can expect to reduce your pain level and increase the function of your hip as well as minimize inflammation.

Your hips bear much of your weight and if you are overweight, your hips may be suffering more than you’d like. When participating in activities such as running or even climbing stairs, the stress on the hips increase. Weight loss can greatly change not only your quality of life but the quality of your hips and your ability to participate in activities that you may have once loved.

Physical Aids and Walkers

If your pain has become so unbearable that your balance has been affected, physical aids such as walkers or even braces may be a safer option for you to take some pressure off your hips. If reaching up high or even bending down low to put on shoes has become daunting, there are even physical aids that may help with those daily tasks.

When medications and other lifestyle changes have not helped in minimizing your hip pain, your physician may suggest injections. These injections could be used to help reduce inflammation(corticosteroids) or to provide a lubrication to the joints.

An innovative approach may also be suggested in which your physician will obtain platelet rich plasma from your own body and create an injection which will help regenerate damaged cartilage in the hip to promote healing.

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