Neurological Specialist Centers in Atlanta

A Brain and Words of What It Allows Us to Do and Think | AICA OrthopedicsNeurological specialists provide an essential service for diagnosing and treating headaches and head and brain injuries. These diseases include those that affect the muscles, nerves, spinal cord and brain. Additionally, neurological specialists play a pivotal role in consulting with our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors to provide long-term patient care.


Neurological specialists can treat a variety of conditions, some of which are listed below:


Neurological specialists complete full exams and diagnostic testing to get to the heart of the problem, determine a diagnosis, and develop a care plan. Some of the most prominent diagnostic testing these doctors use include the following:


If you are considering a visit to a neurological specialist in the Atlanta area, there are a variety of options from which you can choose:

If you suspect that you have a neurological disorder, don’t delay in seeking treatment. By receiving care in a timely manner, you can avoid damage that can be caused by chronic neurological disorders.

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