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How To Strengthen Your Knee Joints After Surgery
Jan 18, 2019

Knee joint surgery is changing and those who have had arthritic or damaged knees and receiving a new metal model are able to get back to their youthful lifestyles. These metal models are allowing those to not only get back their lives but giving them the ability to even try new things they may not have been able to do before! The best part- minimally invasive options are available which allows for better functionality and faster recovery!

Tips For Strengthening Knee Joints

After surgery with an AICA orthopedic doctor, you will begin working with a physical therapist who will help you reach the maximum potential of your new joint! During therapy, you will work on independent exercises which will build your strength and increase mobility.

Although you may feel like a new person, it is best to take it slow and avoid overextending as that can cause the recovery time to increase. Keeping that new joint moving is important and our Atlanta orthopedic treatment includes education on the best strategies to keep the joint moving without overextending.

Tip 1- Stationary

Cardio is a great way to get those joints moving but remaining stationary and using equipment like a stationary bike or elliptical may be your best option to get started. They allow you the exercise but cause minimal impact to your new joint. Reducing the pressure at first on your new joint will ensure the new joints success.

Tip 2- Stretch!

If your job requires you to sit for long periods of time, allow yourself the time to get up and stretch letting your new joint time to move and to reduce stiffness. Giving yourself time to stretch will also minimize the chance of scar tissue building up around the new joint causing more troubles. Finding exercises online that you can do right at your desk or even consulting with your physical therapist on how to increase mobility will assist in the healing process.

Tip 3- Yoga

Yoga is a diverse form of exercise which will allow you to stretch and work the new joint. Some positions may not be the most suitable for your new joint but yoga offers many different ways to increase flexibility and get you moving the way you desire. Speak with the instructor and inform them of your new joint so they can give you the best experience with the least impact to your new joint.

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