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How To Retire With Great Personal Health

Jan 21, 2019

As many of us work for a good portion of our life, retirement is something we all dream of! No more alarms and that 9-5 grind, you are free to explore the world on your own time and live the life you always dreamed of. Whatever your dreams may be, your health is something you want to keep in mind as you embark on the time in your life that should be all about you.

Support Healthy Joints

When you retire, you may want to take on the world but debilitating joints may hinder those dreams. Joint treatments may be something to consider before making those long trips around the world or even getting lost in a good book.

The joint treatments may not be the best solution as some damage to the joints could be past that point so removing that damage and replacing it may be your best solution. There are partial replacements as well as minimally invasive options which allow you to get back to your life even faster.

Joint pain slowing you down?

When you begin your retirement the last thing you want to do is have to slow down. Spending time with family and those grand kids can keep you busy but what happens when you have to stop due to joint pain? Are flare ups dictating your life?

When it doesn’t get better on its own, it’s time to reach out for help

Sometimes we think, it will just go away or we think we can handle it. Sadly, as strong as we think we are, we need to ask for help so reaching out to our AICA Orthopedics office could be your first step to ridding yourself of that chronic pain.

There are many different ways other than surgery to alleviate your pain and you might be surprised with how many options you have! Physical therapy, medications and injections can be a wonderful outlet to get you on your way.

The scary stories of the past

Many people who have experienced joint replacement in years past, may have horror stories about their procedure, recovery time and even complications but technological advances have changed the process of joint replacement surgery. Robotics, have even made the surgeries more accurate and reliable and allows the possibility to keep as much of the original muscle as possible.


You have worked tirelessly your whole life and now this is your time to shine! Don’t let joint pain stand in the way of your retirement, so call us today at (404) 855-2141 to schedule an appointment with ourAtlanta orthopedic doctors.


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