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How To Keep Your Skin Healthy During The Cold Winter Months

Jan 25, 2019

Our Atlanta orthopedic doctors want to help you keep your skin healthy too these cold winter days by providing some skincare routines to help you not suffer from the effects of dryness, cold, and wind. The first key to healthy skin is maintaining hydration. Make a habit of drinking your water by setting a reminder in your phone or play a game where you take a sip whenever you look at the clock and the time ends in an odd number. By creating a new routine, you will be increasing your water intake in no time.

Tips For Healthy Skin Despite Cold, Dry Weather

During the winter months, you may need to use a thicker oil-based moisturizer to seal water into your skin. It is important to be aware of the ingredients in the products you are using and to use organic lotions.

Use a humidifier in your home. Winter already brings with its lower humidity, coupled with the drying effects of your heater, your skin can suffer. Invest in a large full house one or purchase several and scatter them throughout your home to help maintain a good moisture level.

Vegetables, especially ones like celery and cucumber, have a high content of water. This makes them a great snack to not only keep you healthy but keep your skin hydrated. Other vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, red peppers, and pumpkin are all rich in anti-oxidants and benefit your skin as a result. Eating more spinach and dark leafy greens or taking a supplement that contains Vitamins A, B, and E, Iron, Omega-3’s is also beneficial.

Increase the omega-3 fats in your diet to help keep your hands smooth and soft. These can be found in salmon, olive oil, and walnuts. Choose organic products and only wild-caught Alaskan salmon.

Your skin is your largest organ and is permeable. Be mindful of the products you are using on your skin, including the soaps you choose. Many antibacterial soaps contain alcohol and fragrance and will strip your skin of its natural oils. All-natural fragrance-free soaps are the best to use. If you prefer scents, stick with essential oils.

As wonderful as it may be to slip into a hot bubble bath during the winter, we can easily overdo the temperature of the water. When you combine your soap with the heat of the water the natural oils in your skin are depleted causing it to dry out faster. An indication that your skin is dry would be when you get out of the shower and your skin is red and itchy.

Virgin organic coconut oil is a great way to keep your skin moisturized and healthy. It fights free radical damage as it is high in ferulic and p-coumaric acid which are natural antioxidants. So, put on that coconut oil. Pomegranate juice is also full of antioxidants to help fight free radicals, but it also has been proven to prevent cell aging.

It is also important to gently exfoliate your skin. When we age, our body’s natural ability to regenerate new layers of skin slows down, so by exfoliating your skin yourself, you allow old skin cells to slough off and new healthy glowing skin to appear.

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