How Progressive Strengthening Can Help You Recovery Faster From Injuries
Jan 2, 2019

Progressive Strengthening | AICA OrthopedicsOften during rehabilitation, progressive strengthening is used to increase muscle function, tone, strength, and size. Other names for progressive strengthening is “progressive resistance”, “overload principle”, and “exercise progression”.

Progressive Strengthening

When you have suffered from an injury or disease like a traumatic brain injury, stroke, or other neurological condition, your muscles may be weakened. Being placed on bed rest or having long periods of inactivity can cause your muscles to waste and atrophy. Progressive strengthening exercises help to rebuild your muscles by slowly increasing the amount of resistance or weight you are using while exercising.

If it is indicated, your doctor may refer you to a physical or occupational therapist for this type of strengthening exercises. During your initial evaluation with our Atlanta orthopedic doctors, we will evaluate the strength of your arms and legs. Measurements will be collected to determine how strong your muscle function is and how well your joints move.

Balance and posture will also be evaluated in both sitting and standing positions. If you have any specific concerns or goals, this is the time to mention them. The type of progressive strengthening program that is designed for you will be based on your initial function during this first examination.

Your individual progressive strengthening program will involve repetitive lifting with a set amount of weight and reps. When your muscles begin to strengthen, and you are finding these exercises easier, your therapist will increase the amount of weight and resistance.

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This process will repeat until your goals are met or exceeded. If you would like more information on our progressive strengthening programs, call (404) 855-2141.


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