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What To Expect When Visiting An Atlanta Orthopedic Doctor
Jul 13, 2017

If you were recently involved in a car accident in Atlanta, you have injuries you are not aware of. Common car accident injuries like Whiplash may not produce noticeable symptoms for several weeks to a few months after the incident takes place. You may walk away from your accident feeling fine and wake up weeks later feeling stiff, sore, or in pain.

For this reason, it’s important to visit an Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors as soon as possible following a car accident. Your overall health takes priority over everything else and having one of AICA Orthopedics doctors evaluate your condition gives you the opportunity to receive treatment before chronic conditions or permanent damage sets in.

Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors

AICA Orthopedics serves as the most experienced Atlanta Orthopedic Clinic – helping thousands of car accident victims over the last 20 years recover from their injuries and return to their routines. If this is your first time meeting with an Orthopedic Doctor, you may want to consider the following information to prepare for your consultation or examination.

Bring A Record of Your Car Accident Injury Symptoms

Whether you visit our Atlanta Orthopedic Clinic immediately following your car accident or wait a few days before arriving at your appointment, it’s important to keep track of any symptoms you experience.

Write down how you felt after your accident, what type of symptoms you’ve noticed when your symptoms first appeared, and how long they lasted for. Details around noticeable inflammation, soreness, stiffness, and pain will help your Atlanta Orthopedic Doctor determine the extent of your condition.

Although your Orthopedic Doctor will ask you a series of questions dedicated to your accident, giving them a thorough account of your condition helps your doctor eliminate possible injuries and allows them to provide a diagnosis as soon as possible.

Give Yourself Enough Time

It’s important to understand that your first consultation or examination may take some time. That’s why our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors recommend giving yourself enough time to go through your appointment without worrying about getting back to work or other obligations.

Beyond asking you a series of questions relating to your accident and medical history, your Orthopedic Doctor will likely follow through with an examination. Depending on your condition, an imaging device (e.g. X-rays, CT Scans) may be required to help determine the presence of bone fractures.

This process can take some time and going through your examination without stress or concern will ensure a positive experience.

Think of Some Questions To Ask Before Arriving At Our Orthopedic Clinic

You will likely have some questions for your Orthopedic Doctor and writing these down or having them prepared beforehand is a good idea. Depending on your examination, your Orthopedic Doctor may not have enough time to answer all of your questions, or you may forget to ask particular questions.

The best way to ensure your questions are answered is to write down all of the questions you have and, perhaps, indicate which ones are most important to you in case time is limited.

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