Cutting Edge Surgery Leads to Shorter Recovery | AICA Orthopedics
Cutting Edge Surgery Leads to Shorter Recovery
May 13, 2019

Cutting Edge Surgery Leads to Shorter Recovery  | AICA OrthopedicsSuffering from chronic pain in the knee is painful enough, but then to think about the pain one would suffer after a surgery for knee replacement has some people hesitant to take that step. However, with advancements made in the surgical field, this type of procedure can now be done quicker and with less down time after the surgery.

Our Atlanta orthopedic surgeons are highly trained and skilled in this new minimally invasive procedure and and can help address and treat your chronic knee pain caused by arthritis.

Recovery Time

With a traditional knee replacement surgery, the recovery aspect was always a long one and would have you recovering in slow motion. With this new minimally invasive approach, the recovery time is much faster and the process of healing is much smoother. Our Atlanta orthopedic surgeons have noticed a significant difference in the recovery time of those who have this minimally invasive procedure and patients report their recovery was much easier and less painful.

The Difference

So what makes this surgery different from the traditional approach? The instruments that are used are specialized for this type of procedure and allow for the replacement to be placed in the knee without the need for cutting into the tendons and ligaments and damaging the soft tissue in the process. Without having to cut into the surrounding area of the knee, the recovery time and healing is ultimately decreased and the patient feels much less pain and discomfort following the surgery.

When a traditional knee replacement surgery is performed, the knee is dislocated and positioned at a 90 degree angle throughout the surgery. The trick for the minimally invasive approach is to have the knee laying flat which results in less trauma to the surrounding tissues in the knee.

Speak With An Orthopedic Surgeon

Our Atlanta orthopedic surgeons consulted with those patients who have had both the traditional spine surgery and those who had the minimally invasive procedure and patients were astounded by the difference in recovery.

Typically those patients who are in need of a knee replacement and our candidates for the traditional approach, usually are also candidates for this minimally invasive technique. Call our office today and set up a consultation with out Atlanta orthopedic surgeons to learn more about your options! Dial (404) 855-2141 today and take that first step in the direction to a pain free life.


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