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Common Injuries Seen At Our Atlanta Orthopedic Urgent Care Center
May 1, 2019

If you have fallen victim to an orthopedic injury, you may find our Atlanta orthopedic clinic helpful as well as convenient. However, if you have suffered an open fracture which is when the bone has broken through the skin, a trip to regular emergency room at a local hospital would be a better option as the injury may require more attention.

Common Orthopedic Injuries

Now, how do you know when to go to the hospital versus an orthopedic urgent care? Our Atlanta orthopedic doctors have made a list of some of the common injuries in which we see below.

Injury to the Knee

  • This type of injury usually occurs during physical activities such as running or even walking when the knee twists in an awkward motion due to missing a step and landing wrong or from a fall.
  • These types of injuries can be evaluated in an orthopedic urgent care as they are diagnosed by a physical exam, or imaging to determine the severity of the injury.
  • The most common type of injuries to the knee seen in an orthopedic urgent care are strains, sprains, and tears to the cartilage or ligaments.

Injury to the Shoulder

  • Shoulder injuries are common due to the nature and frequency in which the shoulder is used or in the event of injury, overused.
  • When a shoulder becomes overworked, rotator cuff tears, dislocations, fractures, and soft tissue and muscle damage are common injuries seen in the urgent care.

Injury to the Ankle

  • When an ankle becomes “twisted” or inverted/everted, a sprain is likely.
  • Each sprain is graded on a scale depended upon its severity from a G1- G3.
  • Imaging is ordered if a physician believes there is a possible fracture, followed by a diagnosis and treatment.

Injury to the Wrist

  • This type of injury typically occurs when an individual falls on their wrist.
  • Symptoms to look out for include, swelling and bruising and these symptoms can be prevalent for a sprain as well as a fracture.
  • Both sprains and fractures can be treated at the orthopedic urgent care, but in the event that the fracture has punctured the skin, the emergency room is where you should go.

No one plans on becoming injured, and it always seems to happen at the worst of times and the last thing you want is to be waiting for hours in an emergency room. With many different types of orthopedic injuries, orthopedic urgent care can provide you with fast and efficient care for your injuries. Our team of Atlanta orthopedic doctors will provide you with the care you deserve all while saving you time and money. Contact our office today for more information at (404) 855-2141.


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