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Orthopedic Treatment Helps Athletes Stay On The Field

Oct 15, 2018

It only takes a split second for an accident to change your life as you know it. It is important to know what to do after sustaining an injury to prevent you from damage that could last the rest of your life.

Athletes Are Prone To Injuries

Athletes especially are vulnerable to numerous injuries. Level of conditioning, use of proper form, and types of motion all can play a role in the type of injury that may occur. It is crucial that an athlete never “play through the pain” after a suspected injury, especially if the injury sustained involves the muscles, joints, bones, and head.

Stubbornness at this moment and continuing to play can worsen your injuries and possibly cause you to lose more game time than seeking immediate help would, potentially even permanently.

Athletes aren’t the only ones susceptible to injury. Even a minor fender bender can have you sustain car accident injuries.

Choosing Orthopedic For Injury Treatment

How do you determine which type of doctor to seek treatment from, medical or orthopedic? If you have a head injury with loss of consciousness, are having trouble breathing, experiencing chest pains, or if there is a potential for a back or neck injury (can be paired with tingling in the extremities) this is an emergency and 911 should be contacted immediately.

The paramedics on the scene will stabilize and transport you to the nearest emergency room to get your potentially life-saving treatment. Smaller injuries like tweaking a joint, swelling, bumps, or bruising allow you to transport yourself to a physician within a day or two, but waiting longer could pose a problem in your recovery, especially if the injury is worse than you originally thought.

After an injury, it is common for the first few days to experience pain and swelling. It is important to treat the injury quickly to help reduce inflammation and in turn, make you more comfortable.

Call Our Orthopedic Doctors For Injury Treatment and Relief

Talking to our orthopedic doctors about how to manage pain is important, and do not be surprised if the first treatment prescribed is rest. Staying mobile in a safe manner will help prevent any stiffness in your joints, but you need to make sure to rest to allow your body to recover.

If you think that you may have an injury, talking to our Atlanta orthopedic doctors at (404) 855-2141 promptly could help save you long-term pain and get you back on your feet and your normal lifestyle quicker.


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