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How Our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors Can Treat The Pain In Your Neck

Jul 12, 2017

There are a variety of factors that contribute to neck pain. Sports injuries and car accidents are often responsible for the acute cervical pain that radiates throughout the spine. Mechanical pain occurs when a part of your supporting structure becomes injured or worn down by stress and tension,

If you suffer from chronic neck pain, schedule an examination with our Atlanta orthopedic doctors to diagnose and treat the source of your condition. At AICA Orthopedics, we provide personalized treatment that allows patients to experience immediate pain relief. Call us today at (404) 855-2141.

Common Types of Chronic Neck Pain

The following information highlights common types of chronic neck pain and how our orthopedic doctors approach treatment.

Cervical Spondylosis

Also referred to as arthritis that exists in the neck, Cervical Spondylosis occurs when the discs that run through this area are exposed to sudden trauma and are damaged. In this damaged state, your discs begin to dry out and crack, tearing its outer coating. This creates sharp pain for patients that can become too overwhelming to perform basic activities like walking or standing.

Disc Degeneration

Symptoms associated with this condition include recurring headaches, severe neck pain, pain that radiates through each arm, and limited mobility. Degeneration is often the result of injuries that were not treated correctly or did not heal properly, as well as stress that develops over time.

Cervical Herniated Disc

Herniated discs are the result of blunt force that pushes them out of their natural positions. Patients who experience a herniated disc often suffer from symptoms that include tingling, weakness, intense pain, and muscle atrophy. Herniated discs are easily treated with artificial discs.

Cervical Foraminal Stenosis

When the nerve roots that travel from your brain to your spinal cord are compressed or pinched, cervical foraminal stenosis occurs. Patients suffering from this condition typically feel significant shoulder pain, arm pain, or numbness in their hands. Physical therapy is often used to treat cervical foraminal stenosis and is provided at AICA Orthopedics.

Call AICA Orthopedics For Immediate Treatment and Neck Pain Relief

If you suffer from persistent neck pain and have tried other treatment options without success, contact our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors to schedule an examination. AICA Orthopedics specializes in treating musculoskeletal conditions, giving you the experience you require to recover from your condition quickly and safely. Contact or call our Atlanta orthopedic clinic by dialing (404) 855-2141.


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