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Approaching An ACL Injury With Atlanta’s Orthopedic Experts

Jan 11, 2019

When you sustain an ACL tear, the first symptom you may experience is a popping feeling or sound coming from your knee.

Following this, you will experience debilitating pain that prevents you from continuing your athletic pursuits, swelling that occurs shortly after the injury, and instability and poor flexibility of the affected knee, especially when weight bearing. Your shinbone and thighbone are held together by a ligament between called the ACL.

The Path To Recovery

The main purpose of this ligament is to provide stability to the knee and keep movement smooth. If this ligament is torn, it can be partial or complete in nature. It can occur when doing an activity involving a quick turn or stop. Jumping and landing on your feet incorrectly can also cause a torn ACL.

When you tear your ACL, our Atlanta orthopedic doctors will have a conversation with you about non-invasive nonsurgical treatment options with you first prior to considering surgical repair. These may include rest, icing, wearing a compression wrap, and elevating the knee. Rehabilitation therapy may also be recommended to help strengthen the knee and increase its range of motion. A brace may also be worn to provide additional support if indicated by the severity of your injury.

Surgery may be recommended if you have a severe enough injury and noninvasive therapy is not providing any relief, or if more than one ligament in your knee has been injured. ACL reconstruction involves removing the damaged ACL and replacing it with a strong tendon to help provide stability to the knee. Primary and revisional ACL repairs are performed by our orthopedic doctors. Primary repair is done when it is your first injury, revision ACL repair is if you have already had surgery and it was unsuccessful.

Relief Is Just A Phone Call Away

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