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Ankle Pain | Sep 3, 2018

Exercises That Help Strengthen Your Ankles and Prevent Injuries

As we age, many of us become less active and our lifestyles change. The muscles in our core, lower back and extremities lose strength over time. Your Atlanta orthopedic doctors cannot stress enough the importance of including consistent core and lower back exercise into your strength program.

Uncategorized | Sep 10, 2018

Weightlifting and Teenagers? Not A Good Idea For Long-Term Health

Does weight lifting stunt growth in kids under 18 (what does the science say)? It does not. If done safely and with proper form, weightlifting is healthy and does not harm growth at all.

Accident Prevention | Sep 17, 2018

Preventing Foot Injuries Is Easier Than You Think

There are many different opinions about barefoot walking since the activity has both benefits and risks. The most commonly agreed upon benefit to barefoot walking is that, in theory, we are walking in a “natural” walking pattern or gait.

Back Pain | Sep 19, 2018

The Benefits of Spinal Fusion For Those Who Suffer From Back Pain

If you or someone you know suffers from chronic back pain, you understand how debilitating the pain can be. Every element of daily life is affected. Not only is your ability to lift, walk or bend impacted, but even the simplest tasks can be painful and sometimes intolerable. Many who have experienced this have considered […]

Health and Wellness | Sep 24, 2018

Fun Ways To Stay Healthy and Fit At Any Age

It does not matter how old you are, exercise is essential to good health. We’re not saying you need to be competing in triathlons in your 80s, but daily, moderate physical activity is crucial.