Know What to Eat: Speed Your Recovery with Good Nutrition

After an accident or injury, it’s important to encourage your body’s natural healing process with good nutrition. In addition to the treatments provided by our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors, consider incorporating these foods into your regular diet to support your recovery.


Know Your Body: Your Car vs. Your Body

If your body and car go head to head, there are some areas where your body wins. Sometimes, your body doesn’t win and you may have to visit with one of our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors. Check out these amazing stats:


What You Need To Do After an Atlanta Car Accident

When it comes to knowing what you should do after a car accident in Atlanta, it’s helpful to know all the stages of preparation. Two important things: what you need to do to prepare for a potential car accident and what you need to do immediately following one. Knowing these will help you stay safe…


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